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Welcome to Laserware.

We're a Bristol-based company innovating in niche markets to improve quality and lower prices.



We provide a range of quality, affordable, digital night vision binoculars: reliable models that won’t break, or break the bank. Our products are bestsellers on Amazon in multiple jurisdictions, including the United States, United Kingdom and Germany.


Paperdry waterproof clipboards safeguard your documents, even in the worst conditions. They are trusted by geologists, surveyors, sports coaches and more, across the world. 

1 Roundle USB Speaker (2).jpg

Here to improve your call experience on Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and more, Roundle provides great USB conference speaker solutions. Whatever your location, Roundle brings the team together.



In 2007, we started selling laser pens online from a bedroom laptop. We moved on to torches, infrared equipment, and high-powered laser illuminators when we realised that there was a lack of high-quality equipment being sold on online marketplaces, at reasonable prices.

By the mid 2010s, we had a small warehouse and team in Brentford, London. Laserware had grown into a dependable and popular online brand, with a loyal customer base in the UK and Ireland.

Since relocating to Bristol in 2017, we've used our innovations in logistics, marketing, and e-commerce to expand into multiple overseas markets. Our Nightfox and Paperdry brands have proven themselves as online market leaders in both Europe and the Americas. 

All our brands share the same focus: 

  • high quality products, centred on the customer experience;

  • constant optimisation based on customer feedback;

  • the best customer service around

We are always looking for market opportunities and developing new product lines. If you have an idea up your sleeve, contact us below. 




For all inquiries, please e-mail us at:


Head Office

Laserware Ltd

Reflections House
26 Oakfield Road
Clifton, Bristol

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